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The Life Church Centre    
The Office will remain the admin hub for us, and you are requested to practice social distancing if you visit in person. Please contact Mike via phone or email.
Helen can also be contacted  on 07941 334245
or email

01730 231400   

Click here to watch the online Sunday Meetings, or listen & sing Life Church praise songs with Steve and Jez. A variety of talks are also added regularly.

Wonders of God's Creation can be found here.

A printable quiz is also included!  Polar Bears, Camels, Elephants and the Solar System so far included.

 I am selling (with FREE bicycle delivery in Petersfield) the jam, marmalade and jelly that Liz and I have

made. Normally we sell these at Life Church and Winton House, raising funds for IMC and Winton House

but obviously these are not available at the moment.

Now proceeds are going to IMC and Age Concern. Jars are £2.00 each with a limit of TWO jars per
household - please visit for details and email orders to

John Studd

Virtual Sunday Meetings
Click here 10.15 a.m. on 27th September –––

Welcome to Life Church Petersfield Online

We are part of the Church in Petersfield, a market town in Hampshire, UK.  You have found a place to encounter God and people who care about you just as you are. Our prayer for you is that you will come to know Jesus and receive His love and forgiveness.

We know that there is a lot of individual prayer going on in the church, and within Life Groups, but it’s also good for us to gather together as a church from time to time, and for everyone to know that they can bring prayer requests to the church if needed.  This appears to be particularly pertinent as we are in such unknown times with many people concerned about do much.  So we have now set up some virtual prayer rooms throughout the week.  These are opportunities for us to gather together to pray for individuals’ needs and wider issues, for example Pete Greig’s call to pray at 7:14 twice a day for God to heal our land and awaken us spiritually.  So if you want to join in praying with others from Life Church Petersfield, or have specific requests that you need prayer support for, join one of the following sessions:


Tuesday 7pm hosted by John Callaghan

Friday 6.30 am hosted by Pete Thomas (Zoom Meeting - see separate instructions from Pete)

Sunday 7pm hosted by Mike Gibson


Each prayer room will be open for at least half an hour, with the
actual duration determined by the demand and desire at the time.  We will use the church’s account for Free Conference Call, which is very similar to Zoom, with a few advantages.  Whilst it is pretty intuitive to some people, here are the instructions for its use for these prayer rooms: 

If joining by phone (no Internet or computer needed), you will need the number and access code which can be obtained from the Life Church Office or by asking one of the Hosts (above).


If joining by computer or tablet (no special apps are needed) click on the link, which you can get from the Church Office or the

Meeting Host, or type it into your usual web browser:

If it’s your first time, accept the terms & conditions, type in your name and an email address (you don’t need to set up an account)

Click on the “Join” button

Click on the picture of a telephone – if asked whether to dial in by phone or use your computer’s microphone, choose the latter

Click on the picture of a video camera to start video (if you want)

 So let’s respond to the call to pray for healing and awakening, whether personal or national.

Virtual Prayer Rooms

Assemble Cloud Collective

Assemble has now finished for the Summer, with plans to restart towards the end of September. Watch this space for details in due course.

Please email Peter Thomas ( if you are 11-17 years and would like to join us next term.

Becca & Pete

Beautiful & expertly made masks from Belinda.

The first is the type used in hospitals with pleats that open up to cover a lot of the lower face. 

The second photo shows a different design which comfortably fits over the nose and mouth. 

They all have ties. They cost £2.50 each.


Update from In Ministry to Children, Colombia

Since the national lockdown began in March, the informal economy has virtually shut down, which has greatly affected the families in the communities most in need as they tend to be day labourers and street sellers. The social emergency is as pressing as the health emergency - and Colombia was not prepared for either. As a result, it has seen a sharp rise in poverty, domestic violence, malnutrition and suicide, alongside a lack of virtual educational resources and medical services.

The red cloth in the window has become a sign for passers by to come and help, a petition for support and food, but is also a symbol of protest against social inequalities which this crisis has deepened.

Thanks to God and to our donors, the team in Colombia have been able to provide generous food parcels to numerous families during the quarantine in La Guajira, Fusagasuga and Bogota, taking a bit of pressure off the families in this difficult and worrying time where they find themselves with no money and no employment.

As the lockdown continues, please pray for the team as they reach out to many vulnerable families with pastoral, spiritual, educational and financial support.

God’s Awesome Universe —––––––

Meet up with friends after our live-streamed Sunday Meeting.  Make a coffee  (other beverages are available)  and use the Zoom link from your Grapevine  to join the conversation.

For details of our streamed Sunday meetings, see the top of the this page.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Martin & Ginny Romanowicz