Bridges Blog – general responses

This is so good.  Why don’t you set up a blog where you can put all these words and pictures.  Your prophetic and creative insight can then be shared by others. Encouraging you to do this. (This is it!!)

It’s lovely what you’ve provoked through the ‘Bridge’ revelation. Bringing insight and provoking participation.

Some thoughts about bridges :-
For accessibility  –  Making available to all what has possibly only been available to some. Those with the knowledge of, or the right vehicle etc.
For Vision and purpose  –  Making surroundings and other areas attached accessible.
For opening new opportunities/possibilities  –  broadening and others horizons etc.
Established now for later purpose -There needed to be a sycamore tree already in existence for Zacchaeus to be able to see Jesus. Building Faith Bridges … John the Baptist, proclaiming make (a) way!
Legacy – Useless without proper support(s) in place:
Just had a thought about the toll bridges and the price that was paid for us to cross over by Jesus.Wonderful keep em coming,   when Jesus makes a way for the lost, bridges speak all kinds of ways like the toll bridge and the cost he paid.  

Bridges Blog – specific responses to a particular bridge

Thanks for this word and the photo. It’s a great message and encouragement for us. 

Thank you Dave. I like the picture and your insight. Thanks again keep them coming.

Bench, Shed, Bridge and Garden. Wow what an amazing photo of Gods provision showing us our journey from the old (bridge) into His Heavenly garden where He has provided all the tools/weapons in his storehouse (shed) and where we can sit, watch and listen (bench) to His wonderful voice.  Thankyou David so much for the pleasure of seeing our Heavenly Fathers love for us in your photos.

Ouse Valley viaduct   What incredible perspective this design gives. The interesting thing is to see the perspective you have to be looking in the right direction and at the right angle. So I guess it is the same to see with what God is doing, we need to be low down but looking up. 
So Lord help us to be low down in our perspective of what we are doing but looking up to where you are and what you are doing.
Thanks for this Dave; wonderful picture.  P

Hi David, thank you for this fantastic photo.    In this, I see a picture of God’s people as pillars of strong support like a column of troops helping people overcome and guiding them through the valleys of life to a higher and better place.
Keep ‘em coming Dave, I get so inspired by what God reveals, Love and Blessings B x

Thanks Dave!
Great photo of the boys, the bridge and the theme of a life ahead. 
It raises prayer prompting for all our grandchildren. 
Thank you for this.  A

Kylesku Bridge: Thanks Dave very helpful (& interesting). 1st time I drove up that W Coast road (60s?), we crossed by ferry!

This is a very significant picture and one which provokes further listening prayer to press in for more revelation.

Let’s all press in to hear more and say what we see around this picture/word.

Kingsgate Bridge: The two sides reaching out made me think that we can become bridges, helping people who have become disillusioned with church and are looking for more and pointing them/coming alongside them and helping them find relationship.

Golden Bridge Da Nang: I just wanted to let you know, while I’m thinking about it, how much I’ve enjoyed looking at your bridges blog. The one with the bridge held in giant hands is amazing, a true work of art with a message that seems especially relevant right now. And I love the one in Scotland too. 

Thankyou for sharing with us.

They say to me Lets rejoice because our faith is much greater than gold.

Mostar Bridge: We saw an old Michael Palin programme on Saturday about Mostar and the bridge. So much more than just being the symbol of the town, it genuinely ensures that connection between communities, and the sense of crossing over and bringing something of what you have to the other side. And of course reconciliation after the war. 

Similarly in Venice, the hundreds of bridges over the canals, linking all the different ‘villages’ and piazzas together. ‘Venetians stick together’ and the bridges are a central part of that unity. 

The Falkirk Wheel: This says to me that Jesus makes a way and we go from the valley to the mountaintop.  Blessings

Ashness Bridge: Great photo! Great peaceful location