Elementor #1715

For me a well-designed bridge within a dramatic landscape has a special almost spiritual quality. This bridge is one of my favourites.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s like many others I was much influenced by the pop music of the time. And Simon and Garfunkel’s record of “Bridge over Troubled Waters” is one of my favourites.

Kylesku Bridge which is in the far north west of Scotland was opened in 1984 by HM the Queen and has won many design awards. The bridge crosses a tidal channel approximately 120 metres wide and up to 25 metres deep, leading to fast and dangerous tidal currents.

I had the privilege of working for the Consulting Engineers who designed the Kylesku Bridge and for a short time I was based in the same London office as the design team.

Some years after that period in my career I gave my life to The Lord Jesus and one of the first prophetic words spoken over me was that I would be “a Bridge Builder in the Kingdom”

Recently God has reminded me of that prophetic word and has been speaking to me about bridges in lots of different situations.

We hear that we are living at a Kairos moment in God’s plan and at this time perhaps we are all being called to be Bridge Builders for God’s Kingdom.

I know that if I do God’s business in my own strength it often feels like trying to cross life’s restless waters on pieces of driftwood. But as a Kingdom Bridge Builder and under the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit, who is the supreme engineer, we are all called to build those Kingdom bridges to link up and enable safe and welcoming crossings particularly for those stuck on the wrong side of life’s “troubled waters”.

Dave Hall                                             14 April 2021

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